WHAT DO I DO? Kevin offers various professional drone services. This includes, but is not limited to: high-resolution photography, 4K videography and editing, 3D modeling/photogrammetry, real-time visual inspections, and location mapping.

Kevin has over 4 years of professional flying experience and just recertified to become current with his FAA Part 107 commercial operating license. This also allowed for him to become night-certified.

Insurance is carried on all missions. Be assured that flight safety is his number one goal. He also uses state of the art drone tech.

WHY KEVIN? When it comes to visual communications work, with 27 years of experience, Kevin Wellard is a professional photographer/videographer who uses drones as tools to complete assignments. He isn’t a drone pilot learning how to do photography and videography.

You don’t pick a delivery driver to fix your car. You pick a mechanic.

He also has experience in wireless networking, IT, as well as marketing and graphic design. A musical background also provides him with a deeper understanding of how videos are like conducting an orchestra.